Your Weekly Peninsula Clubs Update: May 15, 2023

Dear Member,


Monthly Mentions

It’s Party Time – we kicked off our Summer Parties this past weekend at Courtside, and it was amazing! Redwood Shores is up next this weekend. Check out the full line up and hit as many as you can! Make sure you RSVP and bring a friend, and we promise to deliver the fun!

CAMPTASTIC – Summer Camp sign-ups are coming in hot! Our first camps kick off in some Clubs at the end of this month; can you believe it?! Don’t miss your chance to delight your crew. Prices will be increasing on Thursday, June 1! Sign up here.

Marissa Tries – them all! Did you get a chance to watch Marissa and Ryan visit all the Clubs (yes, 22!) in 36 hours? It’s a whirlwind of fun from climbing walls, rooftops with iconic views, and even a bike ride down the Strand! Watch it here.


A Little T.L.C.

This week we are taking another wellness topic and breaking it down a bit. What’s on deck? Food sensitivities! What are those, you ask? It occurs when a certain food prompts the immune system to create internal inflammation, which can cause joint aches, chronic allergies and congestion, chronic skin rashes, bloating, constipation, headaches, and more. As we all know, we want to avoid inflammation.

So, is a food sensitivity the same as a food allergy? No, they are actually different. Symptoms of food allergies include hives, swelling, itching, anaphylaxis, and dizziness.

So, how do you know what you’re sensitive to? The best route we have found is with a simple home test (finger prick only!) by EverlyWell. This test will report your level of sensitivity to 96 common foods. Once you get your personalized report back, you will want to eliminate any high-medium foods. We promise it’s a game changer in your personal wellness journey!

As always, please note that we are not affiliated with EverlyWell, and any changes to your health or wellness routine should be reviewed by your medical team.



We LOVE shining a light on our awesome people. This week’s spotlight is on Weston Reese. Weston, our Senior Director of Tennis, has been inducted into the Northern California USPTA Hall of Fame!

Weston’s passion and dedication to the sport of tennis have been recognized by this prestigious honor, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for him. With over 40 years at the Bay Club, Weston has not only made a significant impact on the Northern California tennis community, but he has also inspired and mentored many of our Associates and Members.

We are honored to have Weston as a part of our team and grateful for his contributions to our organization and the sport of tennis. Congratulations, Weston, on this well-deserved recognition!


Ponder This

“Pause for a moment and meet yourself, without the noise of others’ judgments and past regrets. You might like what you see. It might start a lifelong friendship…with the self.”
~Dr. Amit Sood


In health,

Tracy Cioffi
Chief Marketing Officer
The Bay Club Company


Bird’s Eye View

Smoothie Heaven – Underway this week is the roll-out of the Blendid Smoothie Robot! Beyond yummy and always consistent, The Robot (yet to be named…sounds like a fun contest!) will soft launch by this weekend. Can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Happiness Delivered – Congrats to Redwood Shores for winning the March Happiness Bracket! Come on over to the Club this Wednesday from 12:30 pm-2:00 pm. The first 150 people get a complimentary lunch from Tacomiendo, our favorite local food truck. Get in line early, we will close when the last taco is served!
Bay Club Redwood Shores:

Summer Party at Bay Club Redwood Shores
Saturday, May 20 | 1:00 pm-4:00 pm
Some of the best things about summer at the Bay Club are our Summer Member Parties! Beautiful weather, delicious treats, fun activities, and some pretty awesome people. Come and enjoy bounce houses, games, activities, music, and more. Also, guests are welcome! RSVP here.


In health,

Cori Fanucchi
SVP General Manager
Peninsula CampusEast Bay Campus