Your Weekly Los Angeles Update: March 13, 2023

Dear Member,

Drum Roll Please…

Welcome to our first edition of The Quad, your Club newsletter that covers all things happening at the Bay Club, plus a little extra.

Calling All Campers

Spring Break Camps are on! Get your kiddos enrolled now. Plus, Summer Registration is open.  Our fun, sporty, creative and educational camps will be sure to please. Enroll Now.

Join Our Team

Do what you love, love what you do! We are hiring for summer positions.  See our openings.


Brackets Our Way

March Happiness is back! The race is on for the most popular Bay Club location of all—will your favorite Club win? Cast your votes on @bayclubs Instagram stories here every Monday. Keep the votes coming so your Club makes it to the finals! The winning location receives a FREE LUNCH from a local food truck for members and associates.

In Travel

Spring Break is on the horizon, and according to the travel experts, Americans are opting for a “closecation”. What is that you say? It’s traveling to a region within a 4-hour drive window from home. We are loving this trend as your closecation could become a Baycation! Our San Diego Members can head North to the Beach Cities; our East Bay Members can head to Marin for some pool time at Ross Valley, San Francisco… Courtside is calling. Pick a boutique hotel and hit up a new Club to enjoy something new with the family. Your Baycation is calling!


So Charming

We can’t enter this month without thinking of a childhood bowl of Lucky Charms BUT, who wants all of the artificialness (is that a word?). Lucky for us, Magic Spoon has hit the market. All of your favorite childhood cereal flavors but with no added sugars or artificial colors… high-protein, gluten and grain-free, and the list goes on. Did we mention keto friendly? So many flavors to choose from but we are big fans of Cocoa and Fruity. News alert: we are not affiliated in any way to Magic Spoon. We just pass out good info to keep our modern families healthy and in the know. It’s not cheap, but nothing good is… 


Feeling Sleepy?

So thankful to be graced with a bit more sunlight, but losing an hour of sleep is not high on our list. We thought we would share some tips on getting great Z’s…so we can hit these Spring days full of energy. If we had to boil it down to the top 3 sleep tips…don’t eat late, skip that night cap, and take a great magnesium.

If you want a great night sleep, stop eating after 6:00 pm. It gives your body time to fully digest before you hit the hay. If you eat late, your body is forced to sleep and digest at the same time. Bodies aren’t great at multi-tasking and therefore can’t do a great job at either one. Skipping alcohol altogether is a great answer, but if that is not your answer, avoid drinking a few hours before bedtime and make sure to over hydrate.

As for Magnesium, it is a proven sleep helper! Magnesium is a mineral element that you already have in your body, thanks to foods like nuts, seeds and beans. Most of us in the US are magnesium deficient. Taking a high-quality Magnesium Glycinate (we love Pure Encapsulation) before bed will help you drift off comfortably. As with all vitamin and mineral changes, feel free to run this recommendation by your MD or FM partner.


Bay Club El Segundo:

Wellness Event: WAFF Max Experience

Saturday, March 18 | 1:30 pm-3:00 pm

Join Keven Reyes in this rejuvenating experience. First 30 minutes–a combination of breathwork, silence, sound therapy, and meditation. Last 20 minutes–activation of the body as a whole on a neuromuscular level with the Waff Mini Elites. Member – $30 | Non-Members – $40. Please email for more info.

Kids Night Out-Mini-Golf

Friday, March 17 | 5:00 pm-7:00 pm
Join us for our weekly KNO drop-off event this Friday night! Include a themed activity, exclusive play in the Clubhouse, and a pizza dinner for kids ages 2–10. Sign up on Bay Club Connect, under “Kids Programming.”

In health,

Annie Batista

Senior Vice President of Membership
Southern California

Live life happy